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In July 2015, the USSF adopted new Player Initiative Guidelines to bring US Soccer in alignment with the rest of the world's soccer associations. The objective of the imitative is to develop more confident, skillful, and smarter players. The initiatives include:

  • Small sided standards: filed size, number of players, GK, playing times, break times, ball size, goal size, and the playing of off-sides
  • Switching from school year age metric to calendar year. This age metric aligns with International standards and Youth National Team program. For example, effective Fall 2016, instead of U9 being 8/1/2007-7/31/2008, U9 would be 1/1/2008-12/31/2008. The example does not include the opportunity for playing-up and is used only as an example. A copy of the matrix along with the explanation can be found by clicking HERE.

The initiatives were adopted by the CJSA. The age matrix will be in use by the LJSC for the fall season of 2016. 

A copy of the initiatives can be found by clicking HERE