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Fall Soccer 2016 Registration Information

Registration for the Fall season is now open. The Club is planning fielding the following recreation level teams: U6 Coed, U8 Girls and Boys, U10 Girls and Boys, U12 Girls and Boys, and U14 Girls and Boys. Additionally, if numbers and skill levels permit, we will be fielding Comp teams for U9 Boys, U10 Girls and Boys, U12 Girls and Boys, and U14 Girls and Boys.

  • Registration costs
    • The cost of registration of registration remains unchanged from last year with the exception of U8. U8 increases by $15 to absorb the costs of additional referees and field maintenance.
    • The club uses PayPal as our payment processor. Due to payment issues and follow up, LJSC will no longer be accepting mail-in checks. You can link your PayPal account to your personal checking account, in addition to all major credit cards.
  • Programming changes
    • Please note, to comply with US Soccer and Connecticut Junior Soccer regulations, the LJSC is making some additional changes in our programming.
      • We will be switching to a calendar-age team placement rather than an August 1st through July 31st year. This will allow players of the same age to play together, regardless of grade. The club age chart can be found HERE.
      • We will be using the small-sided team and field format. U8 will be playing 4 v. 4 (rather than 7 v. 7) on a smaller field.  The change allows more ball handling and passing and puts the Club in alignment with FIFA.  The field sizes are also smaller for U10 and U12. Details about the new field sizes can be found HERE.
  • Competitive teams tryouts and costs
    • All players who want to play on a competitive team must try out each year. There are no automatic placements; each player has to tryout to be considered each year. When registering your player, please register them under the age bracket within which they would play. If the player does not qualify for a comp team, they will have a place on the recreation team. According to the Club's by-laws, we are a rec club and we must field the rec teams first. 
    • Try-outs: Comp try-outs will be held starting the 2nd week of June starting with the older ages. We have made changes to evaluation format. All evaluations will be done in a substantially more objective format checking skills prowess. All try-outs will have at least one nationally licensed coach, not affiliated with the team, in attendance working with 2 of the team coaches. Currently, the LJSC has 3 coaches who are nationally licensed: Paul Duff, Bob Gentes, and Rob Judd.
    • Comp players will be expected to purchase for a 2nd shirt (one for home and another for away). Supplemental bills will be sent to players who make the comp teams. The additional shirt is estimated to cost $20.
    • Look for additional details will be posted to this site.